MF42 is part of the CM50 Clark Miyamit Trail Race Series. It provides a glimpse of the finale race, the longer and tougher CM50 which is held towards the end of November each year (November 27, 2016 for its 6th Edition).


    With the right preparation, MF42 is an ideal venue for those who would like to venture into trail running. “Trail running seems to be the organic progression from road races because of its inherent natural attraction to humans”, Jon said. For seasoned long distance trail runners, the race is an ideal conditioning/training race or a time to test their limits. For everyone, it is the time to go back to nature, enjoy the beauty the course offers and surpass the challenges the route shall serve.


    Start/Finish line:

    ALVIERA on the Ayala Land development site in Porac, Pampanga, Philippines.


    Race Day: Sunday, October 2, 2016

    Assembly Time: 3:00am

    Pre-race Briefing: 5:00am


    Start Time: 5:30am



    Mostly fire trails, dirt road and single track trails.

    Runners shall go through lahar, dirt roads and a hilly route with a picturesque view of Pampanga, Mount Arayat and mountain ranges.  The 42k runners will go through a long ascent of single track trails, an old trails used by the Aetas, towards the “peak” (3kms near the caldera of Mt. Pinatubo) .The iconic Miyamit Falls is the turnaround point for both distances before heading back to the finish line.  



    • Review all race qualifications and details.
    • Medical attestation: By joining this race, it is understood that runners are medically fit to participate, fully aware of the risks involved and thus, signify/vouch that they are medically insured or has the means to cover expenses on their own in case of unforeseen eventuality
    • Registration fee is non-refundable.
    • Registration is transferrable, subject to qualifications and payment of transfer fee of P500 until August 18, 2016.
    • Registration is only confirmed and complete when payment has been made.
    • The registration fee does not cover the ardous transportation via 4x4 vehicles of runners who DNF between the peak and Aid Station 1. Cost shall be for the account of runners.
    • Deadline for registration and payment: August 18, 2016. There will be no on-site registration and no race distance switching.




    42K (Trail Marathon)

    Elevation Gain/Loss: 2114m


    The route shall take the runners from Alviera to a hilly route towards the iconic Miyamit Falls. 42 k runners shall continue towards the peak and make a turnaround at the marshal station (3K from the caldera of Mount Pinatubo) and head back to the junction, turn right towards Miyamit Falls before heading back towards the start/finish line.

    All 42K runners must pass through the PEAK first and Miyamit Falls before headingto the Finish Line.   Note: Miyamit Falls should be AFTER the peak and not before.

    26 K Trail Run

    Elevation Gain: 1160m


    The route shall take the runners from Alviera to a hilly route towards the iconic Miyamit Falls. 26K runners shall make a left towards Miyamit Falls where they are to make a turnaround and head back towards the start/finish line. 


    Actual 42K GPS recording taken during 2013 race by Mark Anthony Tibo-oc.

    Actual 26K GPS recording taken during the 2013 race by Kirk Ang.

    Aid Stations

    Because of the remoteness and difficulty of the course, 3 aid stations will be strategically placed:


    AS1 - From Alviera or race venue, it is at 2.9K

    AS2 - 7K from Alviera

    AS3 - 11.7K from Start (junction of Falls and peak)


    (Distances of aid stations are approximate.)


    NOTE: Runners will pass by the same Aid Stations on their way to the Finish Line.


    The old aid station located 4.8K away (or 16.5K from start) from the junction will be converted into a marshall station because of sheer difficulty of hauling supplies. Incidentally, there is a water source here. In other words, runners are strongly advised to load up on fluids and fuel at AS3 before heading up to the peak (u-turn for 42k runners). Total distance is almost 16K from the junction, out and back.



    IMPORTANT: Runners are strongly advised to carry at least 1 liter of fluid from AS3 en route to the peak and back to AS3.

    Drop Bags

    Runners have to deposit their drop bags on October 2, 2016 not later than 3:30AM at the Start Line. Drop bags are accessible at Aid Stations 2 (Tourism Office, Sapang Uwak).


    Drops bags must be made of sturdy material to withstand rough handling and transportation. Runners will have to mark their drop bags with their race number and name. Race organizer, his staff, crew and/or volunteers will not be responsible for damage to the drop bags or spoilage of their contents.


    Drop bags will have to be retrieved by the runners after race at the Finish Line not later than 4:30PM of  October 2, 2016 or when they are available for pick up. Otherwise, they will be disposed of accordingly and the race organizer, staff, crew or volunteers will not incur liability therefor nor shall be required to make arrangement for their return.



    Cut-off Times

    PEAK - All 42K runners must reach the peak not later than 11 noon after which the crew/marshals will start to descend for race venue. Runners are advised not proceed from the junction towards the peak if you cannot make it to the peak on time. Failure to make it on or before 11 noon is DNF.


    MIYAMIT FALLS:  All runners must reach the falls at 12pm.  RUNNERS MAY BATHE IN THE POOL (Falls) IF RACE TIME BARRIER PERMITS (Translated: You will not get DNFed!).



    42K : 3:30PM or 10 hours from gunstart

    26K : 1:30PM or 8 hours from gunstart 


    Note:  The Race Director may make changes to the above cut-off if conditions require.


    • Littering is absolutely prohibited and is a valid ground for outright disqualification (DQ).
    • Runners should be mindful to stash their waste in a plastic bag which they should carry until the end of the race.
    • Runners must follow the race course as marked. No short cuts or cutting corners. Runners warned against this but continue to take short cuts or cut corners will be DQed.
    • Runners must sign the 2 Waivers and be able to present the mandatory gear before claiming the race packet.
    • Race packet distribution starts at 3:30AM or earlier on 04 October 2015. No race category and bib switching pre-race and during the race.
    • Pacers are not allowed.
    • Support vehicles and outside aid/help are only allowed within the radius of 50 meters away from each Aid Station (but not 10 meters close to any AS) so as not to impede, block or disrupt the operation of the aid station or the ingress and egress of runners. Any form of help (unless in case of emergency), individually and/or by any group/team outside of Aid Station is a valid ground for DQ. This will be strictly enforced.
    • As indicated above, there will be 3 aid stations strategically located along the course with fluids and food which are exclusive for runners.
    • Rain or shine, the race will proceed.
    • Runners and their crew, if any, must be always courteous to the local community especially the Aetas. Avoid unncessary contact or communication. Any documented report of discourtesy or unruly behavior will be a ground for DQ. Remember we are mere passersby in their great ancestral domain.


    RD reserves the right to modify the course, placement of aid stations and any other aspects of the race. Decision of the RD on all matters affecting the race is final and not appealable. In case of complaint or protest, the fact and ground on which it is based must be immediately made known to the RD and/or nearest volunteers or aid stations, as far as practicable, with basis to substantiate such protest or complaint. Complaint or protest must be made not later than the awarding ceremony, 3PM, 04 October 2015.


    1. Pre-race check in.


    2. Mandatory Gear Check:


    The following will be checked before distribution of race packet:

    • Fully-charged working mobile phone containing the number of the RD +639175660106. It is required that mobile phone is on at all times during the duration of the race.
    • Water carrier (bladder, hand-held bottles, etc.) of at least 500ml.
    • Water cup - Please be reminded that the aid stations will not provide water cups to protect the trail and you should not drink from the bottles! Crew will be advised not to serve any drinks unless water cups are presented by runners.
    • Trail food

    RECOMMENDED: Rain Jacket or Thermal Blanket.


    Trekking poles are allowed but optional. Runners may include trekking poles in their drop bags to be accessed in AS3.


    3. Wearing of Race Bibs and Timing Bracelet


    4. Mandatory Check-in at Time Checkpoint Stations: AS1, Peak, Miyamit Falls


    5. Compliance with random mandatory gear check along the route


    Congratulations to our 2016 Finishers! Log-on to your account at RACEYaya to download your certificate. You may also view your detailed race results below.

    2016 Winners:



    Champion: Kristian Jorgensen (Denmark) :5:26:50

    First Runner Up: Manolito Divina (Philippines) 5:39:50

    Second Runner Up: Jan Nilsen (Norway) 5:45:57


    Champion: Del Villanueva (Philippines): 8:38:59

    First Runner Up: Rishel Pagnas (Philippines): 9:04:16



    Champion: Miguel Gubbler (Switzerland) :4:05:05

    First Runner Up: Raker Cornejo (Philippines) 4:18:42

    Second Runner Up: Spencer Timog (Philippines) 4:30:52


    Champion: Iris Torculas (Philippines): 4:12:35

    First Runner Up: Cherry Sun (Philippines): 4:18:15

    Second Runner Up: Keshia Fule (Philippines): 4:20:05



    42k 2016

    Champion: Kristian Jorgensen (Denmark) :5:26:50

    Champion: Del Villanueva (Philippines): 8:38:59



    Male: Koi Grey (04:48:39) 2015

    Female: Joanna Plumbey (06:15:49) 2015


    Male: Daniel Alagos (02:53:39) 2014

    Female: Sandi, Abahan (02:48:46) 2014





    Top 3 Male

    1 Koi Grey 4:48:39 (CR)
    2 Jeff Suazo 5:08:35
    3 Kristian Joergensen 5:19:22

    Top 3 Female
    1 Joanna Plumbey, UK 6:15:49
    2 Maricar Hiponia 6:32:57
    3 Sharon Rose Torres 7:16:31



    Top 3 Male
    1 Retzel Orquiza 3:33:50
    2 Alen S. Bautista 3:44:15
    3 Miko Santos 3:52:47

    Top 3 Female
    1 Sharone Mclaire Estevez-Rodriguez 4:13:26
    2 Ana Marissa Remigio 4:16:03
    3 Charisse Anne C Bello 4:33:27



    42k Category

    Top 3 Male

    1. James Tellias Male 5:10:05 
    2. Jeff Suazo 5:36:06
    3. Thumbie Remigio 6:02:53


    Top 3 Female

    1. Lua Angela Limbo Female 6:55:19 
    2. Arlene Agulto 7:40:43
    3. Daphne Codilla 7:40:44


    26k Category

    Top 3 Male

    1. Daniel Alagos 2:53:39 new CR
    2. Sumner Ninobla 03:01:01
    3. Jael Wenceslao 03:01:06


    Top 3 Female

    1. Sandi Abahan 2:48:46 new CR
    2. Jennifer Cabbab 04:07:53
    3. Karen Joy Umila 04:12:18



    Form a group and volunteer to get special discounts to the next edition of the race.

  • 2016 PARTNERS

    Thank you very much to our partners in staging the 2016 Edition!


    EMAIL hello@raceyaya.com for any event management inquiries.





    20% off for all MF42 Runners at runsimpleph.com. Enter CM50-MF42 RUNSIMPLE upon check out



    20% off for all MF42 Runners at NAKED RUNNING BAND PHILIPPINES on facebook. Enter CM50-MF42 RUNFRRE upon check out

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    Lodging Partner

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    SandBox at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga is the host to the annual Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon.

    Venue is at ALVIERA "Sandbox". Participants may get to Porac via the Clark International Airport in Clark, Luzon then hire an airport cab or board a jeepney to get to Angeles City to Porac Town and then at the race site. Other runners can get to the race venue by bus to Dau, Pampanga bus terminal and then jeepney to Angeles City then to Porac and finally race site. It is strongly recommended that runners car pool going to the race.


    NOTE: Passage via SCTEX coming Manila or South is the fastest way to get to the race site. Take SCTEX then exit at Porac. Race site is on your right 400 meters, more or less, from the toll gate. Just follow the end of the toll gate railings. There is a MF42 logo on the road to point you to the right direction.



    * Map shown above is from http://explorac.ph


    At Clark, accommodation is never a problem as numerous lodging facilities offering premium service for very reasonable rates are at your disposal. The starting line is accessible by exiting SCTEX from Clark and entering the next exit, Porac.  Visit Clark Website for more details. CM50 2016 has partnered with Royce Hotel and Casino and The Villages for its 2016 edition. Contact them at the numbers below for reservation at special rates.

    Royce Hotel and Casino

    Discounted rates for CM50 participants: Email your reservation to hotel_royce@yahoo.com. Write in the subject your: [name, underscore, booking code:RaceYaya, underscore, Date ] . Example: tinferrera_raceyaya_1126-27

    Featuring free WiFi and an on-site bar, Royce Hotel & Casino offers accommodation in Clark.


    Room are fitted with air-conditioning and a flat-screen TV. Some rooms feature a separate seating area that boast views of either the mountains or the pool. The en suite bathroom comes with slippers, free toiletries and a hairdryer.


    At Royce Hotel & Casino, you will find a 24-hour front desk, tour desk and meeting/banquet facilities.


    There is a free shuttle service at the property. Free parking is also available on-site.


    Car hire is available at this hotel and the area is popular for golfing. Angeles is 8 km from Royce Hotel & Casino, while Olongapo is 47 km away. The nearest airport is Clark International Airport, which is just a 5-minute drive from Royce Hotel & Casino.

    Special Rates:

    Deluxe King - P4,500 per night

    Deluxe Twin - P4,990 per night

    Deluxe Triple - P5,600 per night

    Room Inclusions:

    Buffet Breakfast (depending on occupancy)

    Complimentary Wi-Fi Access

    Free Airport Transfer to and from Clark International Airport

    Free Newspaper

    Coffee/Tea Making Facility

    Swimming Coupons

    Gold’s Gym Coupons


    The Villages

    Specialty lodging offer for CM50 participants: (1) Premium Townhome at P6,000.00 per night and (2) Standard Townhome for P4,750.00. For Reservations or Inquiries, contact Jhelen at 0925-526-3104 or info@thevillagesatglobalclark.com

    • Parkside Green at the VILLAGES at Global Clark

      A Specialty Lodging Community


      The Villages at Global Clark is an exciting Live, Work, Play community. We are one of the newest lodging options in Clark, Pampanga and offer a serene location where friends and families can get together and enjoy the outdoors.


      Our specialty lodging facility, Parkside Green, consists of all brand new two-story townhomes flanked around an open-air clubhouse, sparkling swimming pool and spacious sundeck. We offer two types of accommodations: (1) our Premium Townhome boasts a spacious 100 square meters of living space with two full baths, a first floor patio and a second floor balcony with sweeping views of our sports fields and the mountain range beyond and (2) our Standard Townhome boasts a generous 70 square meters of living space with two full baths, two levels for sleeping and a first floor patio.

      Parkside Green at The Villages presents guests with a budget-friendly option for savvy travelers.


      Parkside Green offers a stellar location adjacent to our anchor, The Clark International Sports Complex – a 14-hectare sports facility with six baseball fields which include two professional-sized fields made to MLB dimensions. Parkside Green and the Clark International Sports Complex are part of the larger master planned community called the The Villages at Global Clark. With a total of +/- 60 hectares, The Villages aims to develop a self-sustaining community of residential, commercial, mixed-use and recreational facilities. http://www.the villagesatglobalclark.com

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    Atty. Jonnifer Lacanlale

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    Atty. Jon has finished Trailwalker 100 (HK) in 2009, GNW100 (Australia) in 2010, UTMB (France) in 2011, WS100 (USA) in 2012, Hardcore 100 miles (Phils. 2013, 2014 & 2015), Bighorn 100 USA in 2013, UTHK177 (2015) and Lantau100K (2015). He has likewise run TNF100 since 2008 (except Camsur in 2011), Botak 100K, BDM160, BDM102 x4 (setting a new course record in 2012), Four Lakes 100K (2013) and other ultras.

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